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Bonzi buddy originally comes with a beautiful GUI, with ease of navigation. The design is kept simple to ensure you don’t find it difficult navigating the Bonzi world and having a nice day on your computer, with your desktop friend. The home window features several buttons for easy navigation. The buttons included are entertainment, sports, travel, shopping, games, and finance.

the funny purple monkey

The information on these buttons shows why it is  the best desktop buddy of all time. Which buddy prioritizes your entertainment while still ensuring you don’t miss out a bit on your most preferred sport? A buddy who understands your shopping needs and is also available to play games with you.  Then the most interesting are that you have a buddy that is completely interested in your finances. What better desktop buddy then can there be. Therefore the reason why Bonzi Buddy is the number one choice for desktop buddies.

I miss you so I decided to give you a big hug
In summary, Bonzi buddy keeps you informed of late breaking news, organizes the internet the way you want it, makes you smile throughout your day with the little monkey personality, educates people of all ages with its wealth of knowledge and trivia, makes your computer and the internet easier, safer, and definitely more fun, and has the ability to save you money.

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For the best experience using a desktop buddy, The purple gorilla comes out top. Bonzi buddy is a desktop buddy like no other, making you look forward to turning on your computer every time. Think of the basic things you do on your computer, Bonzi Buddy helps you achieve them all. The sweetest thing about it is that irrespective of the numerous functionalities it offers, it is still free to everyone who wants it. Meaning you can get it running on your computer’s desktop without having to pay a dime for it. How lovely!

The purple Monkey Remids you what yo got to do


Bonzi buddy takes the form of a purple monkey on your desktop, and can easily be spotted.Amongst what it can do includes; talking to keep you company, walking, telling you a joke- funny right?, helping you browse, searching for files, send an e-mail, and helping in downloading files. Bonzi does all these like no other buddy or friend can, making it an outstanding buddy.  He even can compare prices on the products you love and help you save money!
Computers these days are a must have and can be a source of keeping an individual company and engaged. They can be used in quite a variety of ways usually based on an individual’s need. For kids, they are primarily for educational purposes. While an engineer, a medical doctor, and a receptionist will use them for entirely different reasons. Now, these needs are satisfied through the use of desktop applications. Computer applications are what make achieving our desired functionality possible. And with advancement in software development, there are now a plethora of applications out there in the market performing one function or the other. So as a computer user, all you have to do is ask a software vendor for computer applications that canoffer the functionality you want, and have them installed.
Having taken a look at desktop applications as what makes our use of computers worthwhile and a whole lot less boring, it did be revealing to introduce a desktop application that cut across functionalities. The name desktop buddy might have a different level of popularity amongst computer users. Desktop buddies are computer applications running on an individual’s computer which serve as a friend, helping carry out a lot of minor functions for the user. Desktop buddies are a lot of fun to have and can make the use of a computer less boring. They can be used by whosoever user wants them, and are not for a particular set of users. Desktop buddies usually come with animals as interactive friends. Desktop Buddies are also called screen mates. They could interact with its users and run simple utility services like text- to-speech and download management.
System requirements
As already stated above, The purple ape is a desktop application belonging to the group of applications called desktop buddies or screen mates. Also established is the fact that it is free and can be downloaded  for installation on a computer without any malware.
As with other software, before downloading, you did have to ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for such applications to install and run on your computer successfully. Failure to meet this requirement means you won’t be able to use such software. Software development companies always ensure they attach this information while distributing or selling their software to users. This is to ensure that users are armed with adequate information and can easily trace the root of their problems in case complications arise.
To install it successfully on your computer, you would need to have a computer with 16MB of RAM and 11MB of Free Disk Space. For the operating system end, Windows 9x, NT 4, ME, Win2000 Sound Card, and  Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) 5.0 or above web browser. If your computer comes with specifications far more superior to the above-stated specifications, it means you are one step away from joining the Bonzi world. All you have left is to follow the link to the application and install the best desktop buddy available to users.
To avoid copyrighting and being deceived, it should be noted that Bonzi buddy and Bonzi are trademarks of BONZI.COM Software. All rights and liabilities on Bonzi Buddy belong solely to BONZI.COM Software. And that it uses Microsoft Agent Technology.
Ease of use
It is also popular for its simplicity and ease of use. The text size is legible, and the color isn’t troubling to the eyes. But what stands this monkey buddy out as an easy to use desktop buddy is the help option. This option can be accessed at the bottom left corner of the GUI and is responsible for a stress-free use . The help option allows you find a solution to possible problems you could face while using it. Thereby ensuring your Bonzi world remains fun and that the best desktop helper of all time doesn’t disappoint its users in any way.

Desktop Buddies
On a general note, people fear using desktop buddies because of the complaint that they are usually ridden with adware and spyware. This makes the whole experience of using a desktop buddy frustrating a times, as you did have ads popping up at intervals. Earlier release faced this same problem. The problem of spyware and adware. But that is all a thing of the past. In establishing itself as the best desktop buddy there is, Bonzi buddy went through an upgrade and restructuring. It is now available for download without adwares, and still retains the functionalities that make it stand out amongst other desktop buddies available to users. All the more reason why you should get your own Bonzi buddy desktop friend.
The new Download link Updated
Ths sweet purple gorilla has been in existence for a very long time. It is not a new desktop buddy if peradventure you are seeing it for the first time. It has been around for close to two (2) decades. Though the desktop buddy received a lot of unsporting comments over the years, it has turned all those around and made great strides. Even amongst those who preached against it, it is now regularly used and positively talked about.
As was stated earlier, the desktop buddy has undergone a lot of improvements with the adwares completely removed. This move was in a bid to remain relevant in the desktop buddy world, and to ensure members of the community enjoy their experiences using the desktop buddy. The developers of this desktop friend went to the drawing board to birth the new desktop buddy. All you have got to do is to check it out. And you did never want to use any other desktop buddy. The question you definitely would ask yourself is, why use another desktop buddy when i already have the best? That question can only be inspired by this desktop assistant program.
The Bonzi world is a world of friendship and digital companionship. Where using your computer becomes so much fun that you enjoy having it turned on, and normally boring routines you perform on your computer becomes less so. A lot of questions were being asked if the purple ape would ever come back. And yes Bonzi world members need not worry again. It is back and better. And is still the best desktop buddy out there.
The Bonzi buddy community have always been pretty active, with people having earnestly been waiting the return of their dear buddy. The community such as on still thrives.
It might seem that old users are encouraged the most to get the desktop buddy. It is not really so. The software developers would want as many new users as possible to join the growing Bonzi buddy community and enjoy the Bonzi world. This is in line with their aim of seeing to it that every computer user has the best of experiences while using his or her computer. The choice of a monkey avatar was to establish a realistic friendship bond. That is what is all about, a real buddy and a realistic one. Towing the line of the popular saying about friends, It is really a friend in need. It is your desktop friend when you need to talk, a friend when you need to browse or send an e-mail. Bonzi buddy is also a friend when you need to search or download, it is a friend when you need to be educated with facts. Therefore, Bonzi is a friend indeed! How about that!
Having taken a critical look at Bonzi, there is no doubt it is the best buddy there is. If you doubt then get the software today and see for yourself. You can get it from the link provided above. And don’t sweat about how much you are going to pay. It is entirely free. The least you can do is ensure you are installing it on a computer which meets the minimum system requirements. You’re good to go if you meet the requirements. Furthermore, you need not worry about adware while installing . This is because adware have been removed from Bonzi buddy, making it a much friendlier desktop application to use. But you have to ensure you are downloading the latest version which has the adware removal implemented.
Don’t be surprised at yourself when you literally shout it from the rooftop to your friends to go get their own copy of Bonzi buddy and enjoy the fun of Bonzi buddy world.
A lot has already been said about this little maskot and its functionalities. And how it makes for a perfect virtual assistant. The adware are no more, and the experience is a whole lot better. The question still remains, are you going to miss out on such an experience that made you laugh so much 10-20 years ago ?

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